Planet the newest scale-up platform for biotech innovators

Our planet faces unprecedented challenges. But where others might somber, positivity thrives at Biotech Campus Delft. Here, the brightest biotechnology innovators have worked passionately to develop solutions, and now the resources are needed to scale them up. On October 3rd, Planet was opened. The urgency was underlined by the presence of many dignitaries such as Constantijn van Oranje, Edith Schippers, Marja van Bijsterveldt and other leaders, who insisted to share their stage with innovative scale-ups.  

Planet will not only provide office spaces and a pilot plant. It will be a scale-up platform from where passionate entrepreneurs like Avansya, Meatable, DAB and Veramaris can get their best ideas ready for the market. Yesterdays event was carrying the energetic vibe that this vibrant community needs to turn smart solutions into real change.

It was interesting to see how the name contributed to the discussion and the sense of urgency. It is a clear statement from the Campus. There is no Planet B is the slogan of an international movement of innovators who want to move the planet forward despite sustainability challenges. As a name, Planet shows that biology holds many of the solutions to save our planet. The .io part resonates “input/output”, emphasizing cooperation. DSM sponsors the new brand, showing their dedication to the shared goal.