Aliancys: international company name for manufacturer of composite resins

As a result of a strengthened focus of Royal DSM on developing new and improved products, a number of business segments are being separated that specialize in production of fabrics that have proven themselves for decades. To this end, the company is entering into a joint venture with CVC Capital Partners. The goal is to let the different units operate as independent global brands.

The first unit is DSM Composite Resins. For 50 years, this has provided consistently high quality composite resins, with product brands like Atlac, Beyone, Daron, Neoxil, Palapreg, Platal and Synolite.

being competitive together with customers

The company distinguishes itself by thorough knowledge of composite resin applications and the markets in which its customers operate. This enables them to compete in cooperation with them in both the short and the long term.

A company name that shows the strength

Globrands has been asked to develop a new name for this company, which enables it to detach itself from DSM and shows what its strength is.

The name must be globally available and needs to be linked to the brand’s message about cooperation, quality, reliability, service and maneuverability. The .com domain must be free.

The name Aliancys is based on ‘alliance’, a word that has the meaning of cooperation in many languages.

Fons Harbers, Marketing & Sales Director EMEAI:

“Aliancys understands the business of its customers and works closely together to meet the requirements of OEMs and end users. In addition to care and excellent service, we make sure that composite innovation really works. This enables our customers to deliver the required components in the required quantities. “