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Constantijn van Oranje, Edith Schippers and Marja van Bijsterveldt open Planet the newest scale-up platform for biotech innovators

04 Oct 2019

Our planet faces unprecedented challenges. But where others might somber, positivity thrives at Biotech Campus Delft. Here, the brightest biotechnology innovators have worked passionately to develop solutions, and now the resources are needed to scale them up. Yesterday, Planet was opened. The urgency was underlined by the presence of many dignitaries such as Constantijn van... lees verder

How we changed the name GKSV into Wepublic

13 Nov 2018

A new case description has gone live: Wepublic. Here you will find out how we applied our BrandStorm together with Wepublic. lees verder

Amsterdam UMC is the name of the largest academic hospital in the Netherlands

24 Aug 2018

After an intensive preparation, the two Amsterdam academic hospitals have started working together under a joint name: Amsterdam UMC, the largest academic hospital in the Netherlands. UMC stands for University Medical Centers. Globrands was closely involved in the entire naming process of positioning, various creation rounds, extensive research, brand architecture and final trademark registration. Logo... lees verder

Aliancys, formerly DSM Composite Resins

08 Nov 2017

Aliancys has become an independent company, apart from DSM. Globrands developed a new name, according to the new brand positioning. You can read the case description here. lees verder

Matchis project description is now online

21 Jun 2017

Stem cell donation has become very topical in The Netherlands during the past year, as 18 year olds now receive a letter from the government asking if they want to register as a stem cell donor. This has increased the amount of donors about half. That’s nice, because the more donors there are, the more variety in stem cell types.... lees verder

Fibrant, a brand name sizzling with chemistry for a worldwide manufacturer of fibre intermediates

20 Jan 2017

Fibrant is the name by which the former DSM unit DSM Fibre Intermediates will move on independently. “Every day, Fibrant employees do their utmost to enable the success of our customers in their respective fields. It is exciting to keep serving them under the new name and keep building on our position as premium supplier,”... lees verder

New brand naming case: Migo®, a worldwide name for a pear variety

13 Jan 2017

The Migo® pear is a pear variety with unique selling points. It was introduced to the market by the developers of the Kanzi® apple. Globrands developed the name. You can read the naming case here. lees verder


26 Aug 2016

Read our new case description about the subbrand we created together with Yellow Dress Retail for Indian online retailer Flipkart.   lees verder