Tim on brand naming in The Hindu Business Line

Tim Jager, consultant at Globrands, has written an article for The Hindu Business Line about why it pays off to think thoroughly when choosing a brand name. He also goes into detail on the aspects that need consideration.

He says:

“You must decide if your brand name should be aimed at creating identification or highlighting specification. Are you aiming at showcasing differentiation or specialisation vis-à-vis your competition?

Does your name encourage the customer’s imagination or is it a symbol of some value they cherish or desire? Do you want to build on your personal brand or should your name be completely abstract?

You need to think this through carefully, because consumer’s expectations start with choosing the right brand and its brand name is, in most cases, the first thing people see, even before taking into account the logo-design or any other element. This is your one chance to convince or at least create attention from your potential consumers.”

Here is a link to the whole article.