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How we changed the name GKSV into Wepublic

A new case description has gone live: Wepublic. Here you will find out how we applied our BrandStorm together with Wepublic. read more

Nouryon. The new name for AkzoNobel Specialty Chemicals

Last week, AkzoNobel’s chemical business has been acquired by The Carlyle Group. Today, the new name has been made public. It marks the company’s transition to becoming an independent, global leader in specialty chemicals. The name development has been guided by Globrands, and was executed in close cooperation with the company. The company’s heritage is... read more

Amsterdam UMC is the name of the largest academic hospital in the Netherlands

After an intensive preparation, the two Amsterdam academic hospitals have started working together under a joint name: Amsterdam UMC, the largest academic hospital in the Netherlands. UMC stands for University Medical Centers. Globrands was closely involved in the entire naming process of positioning, various creation rounds, extensive research, brand architecture and final trademark registration. Logo... read more

Aliancys, formerly DSM Composite Resins

Aliancys has become an independent company, apart from DSM. Globrands developed a new name, according to the new brand positioning. You can read the case description here. read more

Job opening! Brand identity and naming consultant

Our brand consultant Lotte is planning to travel around the world for at least 12 months. Great for her! We are now looking for an enthusiastic, intelligent and stress resistant woman or man in his/her late twenties/early thirties. You will have a coordinating and strategic role in our many identity and naming projects. leading naming... read more

Matchis project description is now online

Stem cell donation has become very topical in The Netherlands during the past year, as 18 year olds now receive a letter from the government asking if they want to register as a stem cell donor. This has increased the amount of donors about half. That’s nice, because the more donors there are, the more variety in stem cell types.... read more

Chinese “Naming expert session” at Globrands

In the context of our GNN (Global Naming Network) meeting which is taking place in Amsterdam this year, you are invited to an expert session on naming in China. The intimate session, limited to 10 participants for high involvement, will be led by our GNN partner Vladimir Djurovic, director of Labbrand in Shanghai. Labbrand is... read more

Fibrant, a brand name sizzling with chemistry for a worldwide manufacturer of fibre intermediates

Fibrant is the name by which the former DSM unit DSM Fibre Intermediates will move on independently. “Every day, Fibrant employees do their utmost to enable the success of our customers in their respective fields. It is exciting to keep serving them under the new name and keep building on our position as premium supplier,”... read more

New brand naming case: Migo®, a worldwide name for a pear variety

The Migo® pear is a pear variety with unique selling points. It was introduced to the market by the developers of the Kanzi® apple. Globrands developed the name. You can read the naming case here. read more

Globrands calls it… a year!

It has been a brilliant year. We are grateful to have been at the cradles of so many beautiful initiatives, with such amazing clients! Here is our New Year movie…   read more

Should a boring Fortune 500 company tell the world it is the owner of that red hot maverick brand?

Start-ups are disrupting established business models in a wide array of industries. Established corporates feel the pressure and either develop standalone business units in house, or simply buy young competitors. Our corporate clients often struggle with endorsement issues of their younger daughter brands. Knab for example is an innovative bank, which is actually owned by... read more


Read our new case description about the subbrand we created together with Yellow Dress Retail for Indian online retailer Flipkart.   read more

Our first Brand Kitchen in India is a fact

This April, our very first Brand Kitchen has been held in India. Dutch Consul General Geoffrey van Leeuwen graciously hosted this unique branding and naming seminar at his residence in Mumbai. Senior managers, vertical heads and even COOs from top Indian companies such as Godrej, Future Group, Metro Shoes, SiyaramSilk Mills, and AP Group along... read more

Making a Mega Brand – seminar for Indian pharma industry

The Dutch Consulate and Brand Dialogue, consisting of Globrands, Fabrique and Yellow Dress Retail, cordially invite you to an informative and eye opening seminar, on how to make your brand bigger, better and stronger. This seminar is for you if: you want your brand to generate and sustain customer interest you want to find a permanent positive place... read more

Tim on brand naming in The Hindu Business Line

Tim Jager, consultant at Globrands, has written an article for The Hindu Business Line about why it pays off to think thoroughly when choosing a brand name. He also goes into detail on the aspects that need consideration. He says: “You must decide if your brand name should be aimed at creating identification or highlighting specification. Are... read more

FDA Approves Zarxio, First Biosimilar Drug

From – March 6, 2015 The approval paves the way for alternatives to an entire class of complex and costly drugs to go on the market. Most brand-name drugs eventually lose their patent protection, opening the market to lower-priced generic products, but until now biosimilar drugs have been insulated from the competition of cheaper... read more

New: Utrecht Centre of Excellence for Affordable Biotherapeutics

The Utrecht University and the World Health Organization (WHO) will work together to provide affordable patent free medicines in developing countries. Both organisations signed an agreement on March 2 in which the University makes its relevant knowledge available for the production of such medicines in The Utrecht Centre of Excellence for Affordable Biotherapeutics for Public Health (“UCAB”). UCAB’s... read more

Actavis Plans Corporate Name Change to Allergan

From – February 18, 2015 Actavis will change the company name after the completed acquisition of Allergan. Actavis, the world’s third-largest generics prescription drug manufacturer, also markets a broad portfolio of branded pharmaceuticals and is developing and marketing biosimilars. After the acquisition of Allergan, producer of the successful Botox, Actavis announced that it intends to... read more

Update on pharmaceutical brand name requirements in Canada

From – February 18, 2015 In an effort to standardize the brand name review process, Health Canada released a new Guidance Document for Industry – Review of Drug Brand Names, which replaces the 2013 Draft Revised Guidance Document for Industry – Review of Drug Names for Look-Alike Sound-alike (LASA) Attributes. The new Guidance will come... read more

Putting our lives in their brands

From – February 6, 2015 What if brand loyalty was actually as serious as life and death? Nick Dutnall looks at how we might trust a brand with our lives. Can a doctor allow himself to be loyal to a brand? If so, what can a well chosen brand name add to their prescription behaviour? read more

Camargo Launches New Brand at GPhA as 505(b)(2)

From – February 4, 2015 Camargo Pharmaceutical Services, will reveal its new brand at the Generic Pharmaceutical Association (GPhA) Annual Meeting. The FDA 505)b)(2) application A 505(b)(2) is a new drug application which contains full safety and effectiveness reports, but allows at least some of the information required for approval to come from studies not... read more

FDA Tries to End Dispute Between Brand-Name and Generic Drug Makers

From – December 4, 2014 The FDA is trying to bring brand name and generic drug makers together after vociferous complaints from generic drug makers that their brand-name counterparts have been exploiting an FDA risk-mitigation program, which is designed to boost patient safety, in order to thwart generic competition. “The FDA has issued a so-called... read more

Record breaking new drug approvals

From: – June 1, 2014 Record breaking new drug approvals, a hefty product pipeline and dramatically improved R&D that has kept expenditure growth below sales growth proves that the industry is turning a new corner according to the latest edition of EvaluatePharma’s World Preview report – view infographic here (PDF). EvaluatePharma® is the leader in consensus forecasts... read more

Making medicine emotional – Medical Marketing and Media

Megan Hillen on – June 1, 2014: “Medical Marketing and Media Making medicine emotional Medical Marketing and Media How can pharma brands be “more human”?” Interesting article about how brands can personify a tangible thing into something powerfully intangible. A strong brand decommoditizes a commodity because it lives in our heads and in our hearts. read more

New drug approvals in ICH countries 2004-2013

From: Centre for Innovation in Regulatory Science (CIRS) – April, 2014 In 2013, the overall number of New Active Substances (NASs) approved by EMA, FDA and PMDA was comparable across the three agencies. This briefing looks specifically at trends in the number of approvals and approval times across the following agencies: European Centralised, US FDA... read more

How Big Pharma is “humanising” its brands

From – February 5, 2014 How Big Pharma is “humanising” its brands PharmaTimes Major pharmaceutical companies are beginning to embrace the “brand personality” marketing strategy traditionally employed by consumer-focused companies such as Apple, Coca-Cola and Harley-Davidson, new research shows. What can pharma brands learn from fmcg brands in their battle against private labels and... read more

As biosims win nods in Europe and India, debate over naming rights …

From – January 29, 2014 What’s in a name? In the pharmaceutical world, the answer to this question is no simple matter. Drugmakers, biotechs and their generic rivals are squabbling over the names that will be assigned to biosimilars, in a battle for a marketing edge. Should biosimilars have the same International Proprietary Names... read more

Drug patent cliff to drive pharma firms into innovation, research

From – January 24, 2014 Drug patent cliff to drive pharma firms into innovation, research BusinessDay The generic drug industry covers the marketing and sale of medication containing the same active ingredients and dosages as brand-name drugs manufactured by the… read more

What’s in a name? Just about everything

From – January 19, 2014 What’s in a name? Just about everything Nigerian pharmaceutical companies have been successful in building brand identity in the country. Translating an international brand into a household name is vital to a company’s success in Africa, particularly as brand loyalty is typically high in the continent. “Once companies win... read more

Trade-name Drugs vs. Generic Drugs | Health Article Directory

From – January 13, 2014 The difference between these two versions is that brand-name medication is manufactured by a certain pharmaceutical company that held a patent on the drug. Having a patent on particular medicine implies that other companies don’t possess the right to sell it. – Facts about generic drugs. (From: read more

Why Don’t You Trust Generic Drugs as Much as Brand Name Medicines?

From – January 13, 2014 Why don’t patients and their doctors trust generic drugs? Despite the fact that 84 percent of all prescriptions are dispensed in their generic form, there is still a great deal of skepticism about the quality of these less expensive medications. (Research in Social and Administrative Pharmacy, Nov-Dec, 2012) A... read more

Novartis and Merck: “Wanna Trade?” Companies Propose to Swap Businesses

From – January 10, 2014 Novartis and Merck: “Wanna Trade?” Companies Propose to Swap Businesses Wall St. read more

A guide for international pharmaceutical communications: What do we really mean by brand value? (Part 1)

From – May 4, 2012 Sunil Ramkali presents some key insights on how to deliver a brand that truly addresses market needs in the pharmaceutical industry. Is developing differentiated brand communications that deliver real world value and drive brand uptake your goal? read more

Double Trouble: Consumer awareness of look-alike names

Consumer awareness of look-alike names is critical for drug safety From – January 1, 2010 Coming up with a name for a new medicine isn’t as easy as you think. Drug companies look for names that scream ‘take me’ to fix what ails you. The name also needs to stick in your doctor’s mind so it... read more