Brand positioning using our BrandDefiner session and the Branding BluePrint

A brand exists because it distinguishes itself positively from other brands. The brand positioning explains what that distinction is. This is not only important for naming, but forms the basis for everything the brand does.

BrandDefiner session

In order to jointly achieve a clear, powerful brand positioning, we organise the BrandDefiner session.

The BrandDefiner session is inspiring, question driven, to the point and interactive thanks to its clever and clear design.

Crucial is the ‘why’. We start with a conversation about the world of the brand as it is now and how it should be. Then we return to the basics: the ‘what’. It happens all too often that there really is no suitable category description in place. Once there is, we focus on the needs of the target audience and formulate the ‘how’: the brand benefits, evidence, brand personality and brand promise.

Based on this session, we can carry out a naming process, write a Branding BluePrint or a BrandStory.

Branding BluePrint

The Branding BluePrint presents the positioning of the brand clearly and concisely, so that it can be used by everyone as a basis for policy-making, communication strategy, text and design.

With the help of a written feedback round about the concept version, we provide extra quality.

Branding BluePrint elements

  • vision of the brand
  • category description
  • target audience
  • benefits (functional, emotional and social)
  • key values
  • brand personality
  • brand promise

Of course, these elements can be adapted to the needs of the client in consultation.