International naming that moves your boundaries

How do you find a name that works without problems in multiple languages? Globrands has decades of experience in the development of powerful names for worldwide brands that create the right expectations among people of different linguistic and cultural backgrounds.

A good, internationally usable brand name brings great value, because it not only suits your brand, but also broadens your perspective and opens up new markets.

In addition, we can translate names and designations for different markets.

Global Naming Network

We are able to do so because we are part of the Global Naming Network, a collaboration of brand naming experts around the world.

mixture of languages

The Dutch history and geography has always inspired the people to work together with cultures all around the world. The Dutch language itself is basically a mixture of German, English, Latin and Nordic languages.


We work with agencies specializing in international linguistic research. This makes sure that we really are conveying the message we want to convey, and also avoid blunders.