The best company name shows what the company stands for

Globrands has created a range of inspiring, well-known brand names, such as Senseo, Actimel and Thalys. International company names we have developed include Equens, Currence, and Oaklins. On this website, you can learn how company names are created.

an inspiring company name provides perspective and paves ways

We believe that the name conveys a company’s perspective for the long term. While the name has to stand for today’s products and services, it also conveys the company’s character (brand personality) and the reason it exists. The name may have to work for future products and services, in future markets, and future foreign countries.

selecting the right name for a company

The best business names evoke the right expectations about the vision and qualities of the companies for which they stand. They do this not only in the outside world, but also among their employees. They inspire and form the basis for all further communications.

We offer a tailored process, whether it involves large organisations, or small companies.

For large organisations, the selection procedure can be particularly important – for instance, if internal support for the new name requires special attention. This can be the case when the new name is needed because of a merger.

legislative requirements

The trick is to formulate the message that the name should convey in language that can be owned. It is not possible to register a trademark if the name only literally describes what is offered. You cannot use a name that could be mistaken for the name of a company that provides similar products or services. Here you can read more about trademark law.

brand name creation

This website provides more brand naming examples and inspiration.