The best product or concept name invites you to use it

The best product names make the products stand out in their own distinctive way. Investing time to develop the best product name saves companies significant resources when communicating going forward.

We have developed countless product names, like Actimel, Prevalin, Senseo, and Thalys.

daily use

In daily use, the best product names are not just practical and deliver a message, but they are interesting, enticing: for easy use everywhere from an agenda to being jotted on the back of your hand. For the radio to the store shelve to a business magazine.


Moreover, the choice for a product name is a strategic one. The name influences how a brand may develop in the future.


Product names add meaning to the supplier’s brand. They also interact with other brands, both from the same brand portfolio and from other suppliers.

This context often provides interesting opportunities to maximise the effectiveness of your communication while using a minimum of language.

This website offers a wealth of examples, inspiration, and information about our approach.