A brand consists of many elements, of which the name is only one. Examples of brand elements are the brand promise, the products or services that are delivered, design, language, web content, campaigns, and so on. These elements should be well aligned.

the name is closely related to the brand identity

The name is the most invariable element of a brand. This means that the name has to cover the the brand immediately, but also on the long term. The communication of a new brand is different from the communication that takes place once the brand has become established. A good name can remain the basis, while the conditions change.

brand positioning

A brand exists because it has a distinct edge over other brands. This can be achieved in several ways. The function of the name is to convey the difference. Therefore, in addition to naming, Globrands is strong at helping develop a good brand positioning.

brand architecture and name portfolio

A brand name interacts with other names from its own brand portfolio. It gives meaning to the mother brand and other brands in the same product range. A brand portfolio is actually an interrelated family of brand names.


Clients often turn to Globrands because their brand has become too limited due to its name or its positioning. A name that worked 10 years ago, may no longer be adequate. This could be because it is not suitable for international use, or because the product offerings are starting to fall beyond the scope of the name. Globrands offers solutions where the right changes are made, while retaining as much of the brand’s carefully built value as possible.