Research: a question of asking the right questions

Good research is characterized by asking the right questions – which are not always obvious in brand naming.

trademark research

In most cases, trademark research is a crucial part of a brand naming process. The central question is: does the new name cause confusion with existing brands? Read more here.

availability of domain names

Where can you check domain names without them being hijacked? Do you really have to have that domain name with that major keyword in it, or are there better solutions? Read more here.

linguistic research

Globrands has a worldwide test panel to test new names for right (and wrong) associations quickly and effectively. In addition, we make use of our excellent relationships within the Global Naming Network for creativity and a balanced judgment.

consumer research

If you test names for product concepts, you easily get results that do not match how the names would work in practice. This is because a good name in reality evokes no questions about the name itself, while that is exactly what a name test does. Therefore, setting up a good brand name test is an art. Please contact us for more information.

brand portfolio analysis

Is the existing naming in your brand portfolio logical? Does it ensure maximum consistency between brands, and mutual reinforcement? Our advice leads to an optimal brand architecture with minimal resources. Please contact us for more information.

business survey

In some cases, generating support for a new name is of particular importance. A company survey is one tool for that, but there are more possibilities.