The NameStorm

Sometimes a name is needed so quickly that we have to pack the whole process into one workshop where we search for the best name in just a few hours, together with the client. We call this the NameStorm.


  • quick
  • inexpensive
  • pragmatic
  • efficient

Not suitable for more complicated projects, for instance:

  • if a profound analysis of the brand identity, positioning or strategy is needed
  • for brands with a wide scope, either geographically or in terms of what is being offered
  • names that need to be registered as a .com name
  • corporate naming, where internal feedback and consultation play an important role
  • when the final decision maker cannot be present.

The NameStorm is an efficient creation method, which is targeted specifically at naming. By combining Globrands’ knowledge and experience with the creative potential of you and your colleagues, the costs can be kept to a minimum.

It is led by three of our people: a consultant and three naming creatives. The consultant has years of experience with brand strategy, brand law and linguistic aspects of naming. The naming creatives are specialised inventors of brand names who also have years of experience at Globrands. They give tips and techniques for creating names during the workshop, and will of course propose countless names and naming strategies themselves.

From you, the NameStorm requires participation of 2 to 6 people and some substantial preparation. This is done using a questionnaire we provide that helps you formulate the principles and guidelines for naming your new brand. During the session, a brand lawyer is stand by, in order to check names that make a serious chance directly for juridical and domain name availability.

Guided by the first checks, we define a shortlist which will be subject to a more detailed juridical investigation in the relevant trade mark registers. Based on the outcome and our recommendations, a definitive choice can be made and registered within 3 days after the workshop, if needed.