The process

5 basic steps

The majority of our projects are aimed at name development. We also provide strategic advice, evaluate existing naming and brand name portfolios, develop sloganstag lines and descriptive denotations.

Naming projects contain five basic steps that are taken almost every time. In addition, most projects require specific expertise. Examples are shown to the left.

1.     Strategy

What does the client want to achieve? What does the playing field look like? What is the essence of the brand, in the long term? First we generate focus by answering these questions. We can help with formulating a brand positioning.

2.     Examples

Second, we ask ourselves how we want to communicate this to the audience. Using customised examples we show the possibilities. We will deal with different naming directions, showing different properties of the new brand. We do this with different types of language: descriptive, abstract, symbolic, local, international, different or plain. The result of this session is agreement about name positioning and tone of voice.

3.     Presentations

Based on these insights, we create hundreds of different proposals, from which we make a selection internally. During a presentation, about 30 will be discussed. Usually there are two name presentations, but sometimes one is enough.

The presented proposals will have no identical entries in the relevant classes of goods. If the name must be free as a domain name with a specific extension, all proposals will meet this.

This leads to a shortlist of around 5 proposals that express the brand essence well. Meanwhile, the chance that they can really be used is already high.

4.     Research

We register the names in this shortlist as domain names. In addition, we subject them to trade mark research. If there are names containing a significant risk of confusion with existing brands, they will be taken out.

If necessary, we also subject names to international linguistic research and consumer tests.

5.     Selection

Eventually, one name is the winner. A strong starting point that will connect your brand to your markets in a way you could hardly imagine before.