Zwiers Regulatory Consultancy

Young and experienced

Zwiers Regulatory Consultancy was founded in September 2011. Though young and dynamic, the consultancy embodies more than 100 years of pharmaceutical industry experience. Not only do we have regulatory expertise in both product development as well as maintenance, but we also are strong when it comes to pharmacovigilance.


We provide service from A to Z. When we commit, we deliver. Our work is thorough and diligent. Rather than just performing a task, we work with you proactively to bring your business to the next level. Benefitting both patients and your company alike.


Our roots are in former N.V. Organon, which became Schering-Plough and eventually MSD. Our presence is inĀ Pivot Park Oss, where innovative companies can collaborate. This unique position, combining years of experience with a dynamic network, enables us to comprehensively serve you. From A to Z.