Michael Dijkstra Taurel

After law school in Amsterdam and brand management in Groningen I founded Globrands naming & strategy in 1984. Globrands was the first in the Benelux to professionally focus on brand naming.

Within the company I am responsible for the overall direction, while over the years I have laid my focus on brand and naming strategy, brand architecture and specifically pharmaceutical brand naming.

I preside the Global Naming Network, which consists of a growing number of international naming agencies with headquarters in Geneva.

With the projects and clients I am very personally involved, and always focused on finding a solution, a passionate entrepreneur with broad interests and a large network.

Globrander since: 1984

2011: one of the 10 Best Dutch Marketing Consultants – Tijdschrift voor Marketing

2012: one of the 10 Best Dutch Marketing Consultants – Tijdschrijft voor Marketing


Favourite quote:
“Dance as though no one is watching you, love as though you have never been hurt before, and venture as though it has never gone wrong.”

A good brand name:
is a story in a few letters.

Marketing magazine Fonk about Michael Dijkstra:
“Many people talk a lot but say little. Michael talks little but his words are significant.”

Favourite Globrands name today:
Fyra, a beautiful female name with a lot of character, worth being written on a problem free riding high speed train.