Camiel Verberne


As a naming and slogans creative, I translate business ideas into language that attracts customers and employees. I like to call it brand language: company names, product brands, denotations, slogans and other ‘verbal elements’ that a trade mark proprietor could claim as his.

What happens in advance is a joint quest (with consultants and you) for the brand essence. What promise, culture and personality are defining your product and company?

We are satisfied if the result is a brand system that makes the brand shine, because a good brand name or slogan opens doors.

Globrander since: 2002.

Best quote:
“A brand is not a product: it is the product’s source, its meaning, and its direction, and defines its identity in time and space.”
Jean-Noel Kapferer

A good brand name:
Stays relevant and works for a company or product rather than the other way round.

5 to 9 and weekends:
My family. Festivals, films, cycling. Read, listen, love.