about us

Globrands is a creative naming agency that has grown in 35 years to become the leading specialist in the field of brand names and verbal identity in Europe. We answer the question behind the question. And we always find solutions.

Good ideas deserve a place in the world. Strong brand names are crucial for achieving this. By expressing those ideas, we turn them into concrete goals. This is how the future of a new brand comes into being.

From strategy we get to insights. We combine creativity and a great sense of language with an analytical and pragmatic approach, which we use to guide our clients in steps towards the best solutions. In doing so, we constantly keep an eye on what the new brand could and should become like. The concept becomes stronger and more concrete thanks to examples, discussion and research.

Globrands creates distinctive language for things that need to be named. Brand names, taglines and BrandStories. New wordings for new solutions, so they can become reality. We bring structure to brand portfolios. Not only do we provide our clients with spot-on naming, but also with inspiration and a better understanding of the future of the brand.

Globrands. Expressing perspective.